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Mother's Day Hand-tied Bouquet

Mother's Day Hand-tied Bouquet

Meet our hybrid bouquet ~ A mix of imported and british grown! 


This stunning bouquet designed for Mother's Day combines both British grown foliage and pussy willow with carefully selected imported flowers including roses. 

Handtied with twine and delivered in water using a biodegradable and compostable cellophane in an eco-friendly flower box.


Pictures show the bouquet in water, boxed, the aqua-pack within the box and how the bouquet will look in a vase. 


Size Guide

Standard ~ 20 stems 

Large ~ 30 stems

Grande ~ 40 stems 


Collection or Local Delivery ~ Saturday 9th March 


*Vase not included*

  • Fresh Flower Care Advice

    When you receive your fresh flower bouquet please remove them from their packaging and place them into fresh and clean water.

    Display your flowers away from a heat source such as a radiators and direct sunlight as this will cause your flowers to open and drop their petals sooner. 

    For maximum longevity,  thoroughly clean your vase, re-cut the stems at an angle, fill a vase with clean water and add flower food. Make sure to keep the water clean by changing it daily. 

PriceFrom £38.00
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