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Eco Funeral Flowers

We offer eco-friendly funeral flowers specialising in locally grown British flowers and foliage, the majority of which we grow on our flower farm during the growing season, to create wonderful and personal tributes for your loved one. Using the highest quality, seasonal flowers, your chosen design for your loved one will be a truly beautiful tribute.

We provide funeral flowers throughout the year. During the winter months, we use British-grown flowers and foliage with a small amount of imported flowers depending on flower availability and your personal flower preferences. 


What makes our funeral flowers environmentally friendly?​

We use sustainable, eco-friendly floral products such as Agra-wool, a natural environmentally friendly alternative to Oasis floral foam, British-grown willow, grapevine, and moss. We use the finest locally grown seasonal flowers including our own homegrown British blooms.


2024 Funeral Flower Prices  

Fully Compostable Eco Wreath

Adorned with beautiful seasonal flowers and foliage, our fully compostable wreaths are made from willow, grapevine, and moss and are suitable for natural burials. The materials used create a naturalistic woodland aesthetic.

Approximately 40cm/1.2ft from £90

Approximately 50cm/1.7ft from £110

Eco Funeral Wreath

Using Agra-wool as a sustainable alternative to floral foam, combined with a compostable base, our eco-friendly wreaths offer a classic floral aesthetic without compromising your eco-values. 

Approximately 38cm/1.3ft from £110

Approximately 44cm/1.7ft from £130

Fully Compostable Living Wreath

Using the same natural materials as our Fully Compostable Eco Wreath, our living wreath incorporates beautiful seasonal rooted plants and bulbs, carefully wrapped in moss and arranged among fresh flowers and foliage. The plants from a living wreath can be reused within your garden or potted up to flower year after year in your loved ones memory. 

Approximately 35cm/1.2ft from £90

Eco Casket/Coffin Spray

Stunning seasonal flowers and foliage arranged in a double-ended spray to grace your loved ones coffin. Using Agra-wool as a sustainable alternative to floral foam, combined with a compostable base, our eco-friendly spray arrangments offer a classic floral aesthetic to grace your loved ones' coffin without compromising your eco-values.

60cm/2ft from £110

90cm/3ft from £160

120cm/4ft from £250

150cm/5ft from £350

Eco Sheaf of flowers 

Seasonal flowers and foliage are arranged in a flat-backed and hand-tied design to grace the top of your loved ones coffin. A simple and elegant tribute hand-tied with twine and raffia creates a natural aesthetic.

Our Sheaf of flowers is suitable for a natural burial.

Aproximley 60cm/2ft x 40cm/1.4ft from £75

Local Delivery

We can liaise and deliver your loved ones arrangement to your chosen funeral home within the local area. Our delivery fee is calculated on a mileage and time basis on receipt of the postcode.

How to order

To order or discuss your loved ones tribute please call Francesca on 07477 468858 or email

Best holding up of spray.JPG
best side view of spray.JPG
Natural funeral sheaf.jpg
Natural flowers funeral sheaf.jpg
Funeral Sheaf.jpg

Rachael Welch

"We have just had the most beautiful funeral spray done for my Mums funeral casket last week - Francesca was so kind and helpful in choosing seasonal flowers from her own Norfolk cutting garden, but also allowed us to include some greenery from Mums garden too which just made it even more personal - it’s not an easy task dealing with such an emotional choice but Fran was the perfect person to do this for us - thank you Francesca."

In the studio creating eco-friendly funeral flowers

In these photos, Francesca is creating a 3ft double-ended spray made of British-grown flowers and foliage.

Each stem is carefully arranged in a natural Agra-wool base providing a beautiful and sustainable farewell tribute. 

Eco Casket/Coffin Spray


Living wreath

Beautiful seasonal bulbs and rooted plants are carefully wrapped in moss and arranged amongst fresh foliage and flowers to create a superb display that can be planted in your loved ones memory to flower year after year.

Sheaf of flowers

A Hand-tied sheaf of flowers is a floral arrangement designed to lay flat.

Sheafs tied with raffia are a wonderful choice for a natural burial.

Eco Wreath

A matching wreath and posy made for a gentleman who greatly supported Norwich City Football Club.


A colour palette of yellow and green with ball-type details from the Craspedia echoed throughout the tributes.


This stunning wreath was made using seasonal British-grown flowers and foliage and an eco-friendly Agra-wool base

Rosalie Clarkson 4ft Spray.jpg
Rosalie Clarkson Spray Angled View.jpg

A beautiful 4ft Spray incorporating sentimental floral elements from the family's garden, creating a truly personal floral tribute. 

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