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Bright Dried Flower Posy

Bright Dried Flower Posy

A bright dried flower posy made from our home grown flowers!



This posy consists of a mix of purple Statice and Larkspur, Lavender, yellow Craspedia, Frosted Explosion Grass and pink Gomphrena. 


Colour Pallete 

A fun and vibrant purple, pink and yellow mix. 



Approximately 20cm.

Posy sizes are perfect for small bottle style vases to add a splash of natural colour to your decor.  


  • Dried Flower Care Advice

    Dried Flowers should be kept dry at all times. 

    Keep your dried flowers inside the home and away from areas with high humidity such as your kitchen and bathroom. 

    Dried Flowers will naturaly fade as they age. Do not expose them to direct sunlight for lenghts of time as direct sunlight over time will bleach the colour. 

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